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Allison Beaumont is having trouble finding a job after college until one day the wealthy and powerful Joseph Candle offers her a job at his rather unusual corporation, where mistakes can lead to bare bottomed spankings. Adopting the alias of Virginia West, she joins four highly skilled colleagues, racing around the globe in search of mysterious treasures, but wherever she goes, trouble is sure to follow.
Note: Some stories contain scenes of a sexual nature, corporal punishment, non-consensual corporal punishment, and strong language which some reader's may find offensive. If you feel this material might be inappropriate for you please move on to another blog by clicking the next blog link at the top of the page.

June 25, 2009

Finding Virginia: Rude Awakening

My eyes snapped open at the sound of metal rolling on concrete. I blinked twice and decided the smoke filling the room was real. Grabbing my pillow, I shoved it against my mouth and nose with my left hand while my right searched under the bed for my bag. I found it with only a little effort and pulled it close enough to unzip and reach inside where my cell phone lay resting. Without any real place to carry it I slipped it down the front of my shorts as the next best option, only then realizing the hands free set was still attached.

A quick glance around the room revealed the smoke was more than mere smoke; everyone else was laying on the floor unconscious. I could barely see anything above the floor level but my ears picked up the sound of boots echoing on the concrete. I stayed as low as I could making my way toward the back wall where I hoped I’d be able to circumvent our intruders. I prayed the whole thing was a test designed for our final day at camp. Virginia was much less optimistic.

I made it to the wall. Things were starting to spin and I knew I had to get out of the room fast. I pressed my back to the wall and sidestepped toward the far end. The smoke was starting to clear, leaving me a better view out of the room and consequently leaving someone a better view into the room. I glanced toward the door and saw them.

They were dressed in desert fatigues and armed with automatic weapons. Black gas masks covered their faces and for a moment I imagined they were bugs. It seemed tremendously funny on the surface and I began to laugh. Deep down, I realized it was the gas effecting me. The situation was hopeless with the bug soldiers guarding the only way out, but Virginia wasn’t giving up without a fight.

An all out assault was a losing proposition but I had a better idea anyway. I swaggered up to the mean bugs like the desperate hero in a children’s animation. I couldn’t see any real expressions, but I decided they were amused with me. One of them reached out toward my pillow and grabbed hold of it to pull away. I held on just long enough to make him pull harder and then I shoved it right at him, causing him to stumble backwards. The next closest one took a swing at my head but I ducked just in time to allow his fist to impact the doorframe instead.

While he cursed in muffled breaths, I grabbed at the gun holstered on his hip and turned it on the third man. He dove into the room at the floor and struggled to bring his own weapon to bear on me. Unfortunately, he didn’t need to worry. Without my pillow, the gas began effecting me faster. The spinning room and the bug soldiers began to blur. I blinked and wiped at my eyes hoping to buy myself a few more seconds to get away, but everything went to black as I thudded against the cement floor.

A moment later the light was back on with a vengeance. I squinted and tried to block the light with my hands only to find they were bound behind me. Reality wavered back into existences and I discovered I was sitting on a chair outside in the desert sun. My hands were cuffed behind me and my ankles were tied tightly to the legs of the chair. The drum beating in my head was either a result of the gas, my fall, or the blinding sunlight. Whichever was to blame, I was pissed off.

My eyes adjusted to the light and a little looking around confirmed I was not alone. The guys were missing but all the women were accounted for, including Tanya, and attached to a chair just like me. A little more looking around revealed a couple of guards still wearing desert fatigues but missing the bug masks. I glared at them wishing looks could kill or at the very least wound.

“What the fuck is this?” Patricia asked.

Her voice was loud and full of all the same outrage that was burning in my veins. The words echoed in the open blue sky, but unless the reverberation was a response, the question remained unanswered. I glanced over at her and our eyes met for a brief moment and right then I was absolutely certain she was not the spy.

“Everyone stay calm. I’m sure there has just been some sort of misunderstanding.” Tanya said.

There was a strain in her voice and I could tell she was more than a little scared. My hopes that the scenario was just part of the training were dashed. Tanya was as unprepared as the rest of the us and the tension in her neck combined with the alarm in her voice told me this was all for real or she belonged in Hollywood.

By the time I was fully aware, a man was approaching us from the far side of the main building. He was the smallest of those I’d seen so far but the way he carried himself told me he was in charge. I started a count of the men I’d seen and decided there were at least five and unless they were more worried about us ladies than the men, I figured the number was probably closer to a dozen.

The leader approached Tanya with purpose. He was perspiring like a pig in heat and kept dabbing a cloth across his forehead to keep the sweat from dripping into his eyes. It took me a moment to realize his obsession was driven by a lack of eyebrows. His thin black hair lay flat on his head in a disheveled sort of way, looking more like a giant spider than hair. I would have offered him a comb but my hands were tied, so to speak.

“Which one is Virginia West?” He asked.

His voice was gruff and raspy, like he needed a good drink of water. Tanya was unflinching as she stared back at the man and refused to answer the question. He didn’t look concerned and I guess he knew like I did, it was only a matter of time before some would lead him to me. I decided waiting was not in anyone’s best interests and besides, whatever was going to happen would happen eventually anyway.

“I am.” I said.

He turned to me with an evil smile cracking his angular face. I raised my eyebrows, mocking his lack of them. It amused me but I have a feeling the effort was wasted on him. He favored his right leg as he walked over to me.

“Smart girl to start things easy. Now let’s see if you are smart enough to keep it that way.” He said. “What’s your real name?”

I guess my time at camp has been good for me because despite the shock I felt at the question I kept my reaction off my face. I smiled and tilted my head at him, almost tauntingly.

“My friends call me V, but you can call me Miss West.” I said.

His open palm slapped across my left cheek in a violent response. I tasted blood from my cheek and spit it out on his shoes before glaring back up into his eyes. Virginia swore he’d pay in kind for the blood and I agreed.

“Why don’t you let me loose and try that again.” I said.

He repeated the violence and nearly knocked me over on my side. I spat a little higher, just missing his chin. His hand wiped it away from his neck and the anger he felt shown brightly in his eyes. I rejoiced in the victory, but kept my face as dispassionate as I could manage.

“Name.” He demanded.

“It’s going to be a long day.” I said.

“I’ve got as long as it takes.” He said.

“We’ll I’m kinda tied up but if you’d like to come back tomorrow…” I replied.


“Me. Miss West.”

I mocked his one syllable demand. He slapped me again as if that was going to phase me. Instead I just turned my head and let the blow roll off. My eyes caught sight of a plastic stir straw from someone’s coffee and an idea started to form.

“I can do this all day long.” He said.

“Personally I’ve got better things to do.” I said.

“Name.” He said.

“What’s yours?” I asked.

His hand slapped my face again but not quite hard enough for what I had in mind. I spat blood at his face again. His fists clenched and unclenched for a moment as he fought to keep control of himself.

“You look like a Dick.” I said. “I think I’ll call you Dick. Is that okay Dick?”

It was almost enough to push him over the edge but whatever he wanted from me was apparently more important than a bruised ego. He grabbed my chin and adjusted my head so we were staring eye to eye. I could feel him daring me to spit at him again. I chickened out.

“Tell me your name.” He demanded.

“Virginia West.” I replied.

It came out as natural as if it had always been my name. Staring into his eyes I realized that today it was in fact my name and nothing was going to change that. Allison wasn’t equipped to deal with men like this, but Virginia was everything I wished I could be. The truth of it all must have shown brightly in my eyes because within his I could see a flicker of doubt as he mentally questioned the reliability of his conviction that Virginia was not my name.

He let go of my chin and turned his back on me.

“So Dick, what is it you really want to know?” I asked.

He remained standing with his back to me and said nothing. I stared at his backed and willed him to turn around but my thoughts had no effect. The sun was hot overhead and by it’s placement in the sky I guessed it was late morning approaching noon. I was miserable stuck under its unrelenting rays but I knew he was just as miserable and perhaps more so with his lack of brows.

“I’m talking to you Dick. Are you deaf, Dick?” I said.

His shoulders tightened every time I called him Dick. I was getting to him and we both knew it.

“Come on Dick. Talk to me. Tell me why you are really here.” I said.

He turned around like a tornado with a hangnail.

“My name is not Dick!” He shouted.

His open palm landed squarely across my left cheek and the chair started to tip over to the right. I helped it go all the way over and then twisted so the chair was on its back. My hands combed the dirt, searching for the plastic stir straw. My fingertips found it just in time as I was yanked off the ground and sat back down in my original place.

I quickly maneuvered the stiff plastic into my right hand and began working on the lock to my left cuff. My tormentor was looking very pleased with himself. I allowed him to think he’d won for the moment and did my best to avoid looking into his eyes. I could feel him towering over and my panicked brain prayed he couldn’t see what I was doing with my hands behind me.

“Now, let’s try this one more time.” He said. “What is your real name?”

I whispered, “Virginia West.”

It was just enough noise to mask the click of the cuff unlocking but not loud enough for him to understand. He leaned in closer, obviously thinking I had given up all resistance after being sent to the floor by his powerful hand. Looking around I figured I had all of about ten seconds to incapacitate Dick, free my ankles from the chair and arm myself with Dick’s gun. The odds weren’t great but doing nothing wasn’t going to make them any better.

I swung the cuff free from my left wrist and wrapped my right hand into a fist around the metal ring so my knuckles were protected from impact. As he leaned down close to my face I swung my right fist into his face with every bit of force I could muster. He staggered backwards, spitting blood from his mouth and two cracked teeth. I knew something hadn’t sounded good.

He was too far away for me to grab the knife from his belt, so I leaned myself forward throwing my hands onto the ground. Shifting my weight to my hands I kicked my legs and the chair up over my head slamming into his torso and taking him down to the ground. I ended up sitting over his legs while he moaned like a stuck pig on the ground.

From the corner of my eye I could see the closest guard running toward us and I knew I was running out of time. My fingers freed the knife from his belt and in two quick slashes my ankles were free. The approaching guard gave a shout and a warning shot. I ignored both and grabbed the gun in Dick’s holster, while rolling to the ground to make myself a harder target.

The guard was a sitting duck and I took him out with two shots to the torso. Unfortunately, every other guard in the area was then fully aware I was free and armed. They were far enough away I had a chance for escape still but it meant leaving everyone else behind. My conscience was on the fence with the guard I’d just put down, but leaving these innocent people behind was a little more black and white on the wrong side. I felt Tanya’s eyes on me and met her gaze with my own.

“Run. They don’t want us, just you. Go!” She said.

I stopped thinking and just did what I had to do. I ran for the far gate away from the oncoming guards, squeezing off a couple rounds for cover as I went. I was up and over the fence before I could even think about how to get passed it. Instincts took over and I ran for cover in the maze of red rocks beyond the camp’s border. It was the general direction of the river and from the river the highway was accessible so it would appear the sensible escape route. Instead I found a place out of sight in the cover of the rocks to hide.

Oddly the men didn‘t pursue me beyond the gate. From my hiding place I had a good view into the camp. I watched as the men congregated together near the back gate and it appeared there was an argument. With their attention clearly off of me, I settled down, keeping my eyes on them but focusing on what to do next. I pulled my phone out of my shorts, slightly surprised it was still there. Given the circumstances I was glad I had forgotten to disconnect the hands free set the previous evening. I slipped the bud into my left ear and dialed Mr. Candle.

“Quondam-”Cathy’s voice began.

“Put me through to Mr. Candle.” I said.

She didn’t argue or even deign to respond. The call was transferred with barely any hesitation before Joseph Candle answered. His voice was stressed, which did nothing to ease my own tension.

“Miss West?” He said.

“The camp’s been taken over. Please tell me you have some idea of what is going on.”

“I’ve already contacted the local authorities and they have units on route. Are you alright?”

“I’ve managed to get away, but the situation is less than ideal. Did you learn anything from the information I sent you?”

“We’re still processing the data, but we don’t have any leads at this time. What is your position?”

“About a hundred yards outside of the camp. I’m safe for the moment but I don’t know about the others.”

“The others? Miss West your personal safety is the priority. The Q5 team touched down in Salt Lake less than 10 minutes ago. I’m dispatching them via helicopter to pick you up.”

“Those people are only in danger because of us. I can’t just abandon them with no regard for their wellbeing.”

“It’s in the hands of the local police now, Miss West. You are not responsible for the actions of rogue mercenaries.”

“How long until the police arrive?”

“It’s difficult to say with accuracy but no more than hour. There is no need to risk your safety in the meantime.”

“A lot can happen in an hour. I’m not leaving these people’s fate in the hands of a bunch of lunatics with guns.”

There was a deep sigh on the other end of the phone and I could practically see Joseph Candle clenching his fists in frustration with me. Were it not for my precarious situation I would have had plenty more to say about things and I’m quite certain he would have found me even more frustrating.

“Very well. Stand by. I’m patching in Miss Jax.”

There was a click on the line and a moment later a female voice came on the line along with Mr. Candle’s.

“Miss Jax, we’re patched in with Miss West. She’s free and outside the camp’s perimeter.” Mr. Candle said.

“Yes, sir. Miss West?” Miss Jax said.

“I’m here.” I replied.

“I’m pulling up satellite imagery now, ma’am. 30 seconds before the bird’s in range. Do you have GPS, ma’am?” Miss Jax asked.

“I think it’s on this phone, but I’ve never used it. Call me V.” I said.

The ma’am stuff was getting old fast and my patience was all but used up on the situation as it was. I heard another sigh from Mr. Candle but otherwise he kept his thoughts to himself.

“I can walk you through it. What phone model do you have?” Miss Jax said.

“She’s got standard Q5 issue.” Mr. Candle said.

“Perfect. V just click the globe icon on the upper right of the display. That will bring up the GPS map.” Miss Jax said.

“Got it, Jax.” I said.

“It’s Kyra. The blue arrow is indicating your current position. Tap it twice with your finger tip and then tap transmit and that will send me your coordinates.” She said.

“Done.” I said.

“One second.” She said. “Okay, I’ve got your position overlaid on my satellite map. I’m showing a lot of activity down there, pretty close to your location. Are you certain you’re secure?”

“I got eyes on the activity but I’m well concealed for the moment. Do you have a location on both groups of hostages?” I said.

“I’ve got six clustered about 130 yards due west of your location and it looks like two guards.” She said.

“That’s the women. What about the men?” I asked.

“Negative, they must be under shelter or inside one of the structures.”

“Shelter? Where?”

“Looks like a canopy extending from the western end of the largest building.”

“That must be it.” I said.

“Hold on V. Mr. Candle are looking at this?” She said.

“I’ve got it up.” He replied.

“See those reflections on the north end of that rooftop?” She asked.

“Affirmative. Do you have any better resolution on them?” He replied.

“Negative, but they appear to be portable SAMS. We’re going to have to move her farther out for a safe extraction.” She said.

“I’m not leaving until the hostages are free.” I said.

“Wait.” Kyra said. “Are you planning an assault?”

Somehow she managed to convey a question about my sanity with just the inflection in her voice. On any other day I would have laughed.

“Something like that, but I’m going to need some help.” I replied.

“Mr. Candle?” Kyra asked.

Clearly she was not supportive of my intentions.

“Miss West has point.” He said.

Somewhere in the back of my mind it registered that he had just given me some kind of authority, but the thought which took precedence revolved around the identity of our unknown spy. Georgina had said I was the new head of Q5 and I hadn’t believed her until right at that moment. Mr. Candle’s tone suggested more than a temporary assignment of authority but more as if it was already mine, which meant not only had Georgina been right, but she knew something significant enough that it left very little doubt that she was indeed the spy.

“Tom, I’m going to need you hooked in. We need a tactical analysis for a one person ground assault with approximately 15 hostiles holding 17 hostages.” Kyra said.

The way she said it, sounded a little suicidal to me. I wanted to reiterate my desire to have assistance, but something told me I was the only one on the call willing to risk anything in order to secure the safety of the innocent people inside the camp.

“I’m in. Who do we have on the ground?” Tom said.

“You can call me V.” I said.

“Alright V. I’m going to need a complete inventory of your assets.” Tom said.

“One hand gun, one utility knife, one phone, and one body.” I said.

“Is the guy dead?” Tom asked.

“Huh?” I replied.

“The body.” He said.

“That’s mine and I’m pretty sure I still have a pulse.” I said.

Kyra laughed and it wasn’t hard to imagine Mr. Candle shaking his head in his office. Tom was a little harder to read but I’m guessing he looked a bit like a deer in the headlights for at least two seconds.

“I‘m sure your body is a valuable asset most of the time V, but today probably isn‘t one of those times. What kind of gun do you have?” Tom continued.

“Um, it’s black and heavy and I’m pretty sure it uses 9mm ammo.” I said.

The silence was deafening on the other ends of the call. I waited unsure what to say next.

“Do you know how to eject the clip?” Tom asked.

His tone was becoming increasingly condescending for some reason.

“I think so.” I said.

“See if you can do it now. I want to know how many bullets you have left.” Tom said.

I picked up the gun from where I had left it resting on the rock beside me. A quick glance and I noticed two things; it was made by H&K and the magazine release was a button on the rear of the gun. I pressed the button and the magazine slid out into my waiting hand.

“It’s an H&K something or other and looks like I’ve got 10 left in the clip.” I said.

“What’s your experience shooting a handgun.” Tom asked.

“A few hours on a shooting range. I’m reasonably accurate.” I said.

“Joe are you listening in here?” Tom asked.

“I’m here Mr. Clark.” Mr. Candle replied.

“I send her in there and I’m sending her to her death. She doesn’t have the training or experience for this kind of thing.” Tom said.

“Listen Tom, there are 17 innocent people inside that camp and their lives are in danger through no fault of their own. I’d sure like it if it was someone with more experience down here right now, but it’s not. We’ve got me and you can either get on board and provide assistance or get the fuck off this call. I don’t really care which, just make up your mind and do it now.” I said.

“Hey, I didn’t say I wasn’t going to help. Maybe I’m pointing out the obvious but if you go into this, you need to realize you might not come out.” Tom said.

“You are stating the obvious and we could be running out of time. You’ve got eyes on the big picture and I need a course of action. Now are we on the same page?” I said.

There was silence on the line. I was tired of talking and afraid if I didn’t do something soon, someone was going to get hurt or dead. Maybe I could have been more diplomatic in my approach to Tom Clark, but there would be time for that later when I wasn’t hiding behind a bunch of rocks.

“I’m reviewing approach vectors now. If we can get you up on the roof of the main building, you can take out the SAMS. That done we can get in range to drop me onto the ground and I can provide real assistance.” Tom said.

‘That sounds promising.” I said.

“It will drastically increase your odds of survival if I can get on the ground.” Tom said.

“Good to know. So what have we got?” I said.

“You’ll have to circle around to the north of the camp. Move as quickly as you can but stay low and make as little sound as possible.” Tom said.

“Wait a second.” Kyra said. “There’s another chopper on the board. It’s coming in low from the south.”

“Can you identify it?” Tom asked.

“Negative, it’s not broadcasting and it’s markings are blacked out. If I had to guess I’d say our mercenaries have a ride coming to get them.” Kyra said.

“Is there any indication of their intentions toward the hostages?” I asked.

As if in answer to my question a gun shot rang out and echoed in the open sky. A woman screamed in agony and a hollow pit replaced the spot where my stomach once resided. The men who had been near the back gate were no longer there. They had spread back to their former places with the exception of two who stood looking out in my general direction. It was almost enough to make me fear I’d been spotted, but it was just coincidence.

“You hear that Virginia? You have five minutes to surrender yourself or someone else gets shot!” One of the men shouted.

Fury pounded in my temple, but I knew that was what they wanted. I breathed to calm myself. I knew I had to keep a clear head and anger wasn’t going to help me do that.

“They shot one of the women.” Kyra said.

“I know. It’s Tanya, I don’t think she’s dead, but she will be if we don’t do something now.” I said.

“Get moving. North side as fast as you can.” Tom said.

“On my way.” I said.

Two minutes later I was repositioned on the north side of the camp. I could see some of the guys were bound just like I had been only someone had been kind enough to keep them out of the direct sun. For a brief moment I wondered why. Maybe Brian was the spy after all.

“Mr. Candle.” I said. “Do we have anything yet on our spy’s identity?”

“Not yet. I’m still waiting.” He replied.

“Perhaps you could wait a little less patiently.” I suggested.

“I’m on it, Miss West.” He said.

“Tom, I’m in position.” I said.

“Stand by. We’re going to have to time this right.” Tom said.

“Just say when. Kyra, tell me do you have an ETA on that incoming?” I said.

“Three minutes give or take one.” She replied.

“And for you?” I asked.

“One minute thirty seconds after the SAMS are out.” She said.

“Good.” I said.

“Now, V. Head straight in for the fence and jump from the top of the fence to the roof ladder on the back of the building.” Tom said.

“Got it.” I said.

I ran like my ass was on fire. About a yard away from the fence I jumped so I had less fence to climb. The noise rattled in my ears like a car alarm at 3AM. I used my knife to slice the razor wire as quickly as I could and then launched myself from the top bar of the fence onto the ladder. From their it was an easy climb to the roof and somehow I managed it without being seen.

“Do you see the SAMS?” Tom asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Times up Virginia!” One of the men shouted from below.

“Stand by.” I said.

Tom started to object but I ignored him and ran to the edge of the roof where I could see the women below. One of the mercenaries had drawn his gun and was aiming it Georgina. There was no doubt in my mind he was going to kill her. The tears streaming down her face as she begged for her life were proof enough to me; she wasn’t the spy.

I pointed my gun at the dirt just behind the mercenary and pulled the trigger twice before I had a chance to think better of it. The first bullet hit him in the back of the knee and the second went right into the middle of his back. Georgina looked up at me with disbelief written all over her face. Then the world exploded with gunfire bouncing off the edge of the rooftop near me. I back away from the edge and returned my attention to the SAMS.

“How do I disable these things?” I shouted.

“There should be a panel on the base with a white cable coming out of it.” Tom said.

“Okay, right, I see it.” I said.

“Use you knife to cut the cable on each one of them.” Tom said.

The gunfire started to quiet down as they must have realized I wasn’t returning fire. It was only a matter of time before one of them was climbing the ladder to join me. I rushed over to the SAMS with my knife in hand and slashed through the white cables in a matter of seconds.

“The cables are cut.” I said.

“We’re on our way in.” Kyra said.

Then I head the unmistakable sound of a helicopter landing behind me. My first thought was along the lines of, “Damn that was fast.” Then I realized it was the mercenaries’ ride and not mine. I still had a minute and half before help was going to arrive and only 8 shots left to keep me alive.

“She’s on the roof!” One of the men shouted from below.

“Forget her. They’ll have a chopper here in under a minute and local law enforcements has six cars about ten minutes out.” Someone shouted back. “Get everyone on the chopper now! We’re out of here.”

It sounded like good news to me, but then I figured I might want to the check the ladder just in case they were playing me for a fool. The ladders were empty though and what I could see of my former captors appeared to be running for the helicopter in the middle of the camp. They no longer were paying any attention to the hostages. Mission accomplished.

I returned my attention to the people still on the phone with me.

“They’re boarding the helicopter for escape.” I said.

“We’ll be there in thirty seconds.” Tom said.

“By the looks of it they won’t be.” I said.

“Mr. Candle do we have any idea who these people are or who they are working for?” I asked.

“A few leads but nothing concrete.” He said.

“With these guys leaving and local law enforcement here in less than ten, I can manage without Tom. I would suggest they pursue the helicopter.” I said.

“I can track them via satellite. Pursuit wouldn’t yield anything beneficial.” Kyra said.

“True enough, but now that the situation at the camp is under control, it would be best to avoid entangling anyone else with the local authorities. As soon as you’re certain the chopper is away with all mercenaries on board, head back to Salt Lake.” Mr. Candle ordered.

“They’re away.” I said.

The helicopter rose up just high enough so they were looking straight at me. I suddenly realized I was a complete idiot as well as a sitting duck. Bullets started flying, but fortunately not before I started running full tilt for the edge of the building with the canopy extended. I leapt into the air off the side of the building and went crashing down through the canopy to land rolling on the ground below. Every bone in my body hurt, but somehow I had managed to avoid any new holes. The helicopter flew away, probably hoping I’d killed myself in the fall.

As the sound of the helicopter faded into the distance, I could hear the sound of men’s voices all around me. I had landed right in the middle of them, but they were all still bound to their chairs and unable to do more than voice their concern for my well being. I looked straight up and recognized the teddy bear face of Brian staring down at me with nothing but concern in his eyes. I smiled up at him, giddy that I was still alive and only mildly worse for the wear.

“Miss West. Miss West. Miss West.” Mr. Candle’s voice kept repeating in my ear.

“I’m still here.” I said.

“What was that?” He asked.

“You don’t want to know. Look the helicopter is away and the people here need my help. I’ll call you back when it’s over.” I said.

I disconnected the call before he could object or otherwise respond. Brian was still looking down at me and I was still looking up at him. I would have liked to have stayed that way for the rest of the day, but it was not to be.


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