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Allison Beaumont is having trouble finding a job after college until one day the wealthy and powerful Joseph Candle offers her a job at his rather unusual corporation, where mistakes can lead to bare bottomed spankings. Adopting the alias of Virginia West, she joins four highly skilled colleagues, racing around the globe in search of mysterious treasures, but wherever she goes, trouble is sure to follow.
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December 13, 2009

Spanking & Chastening: Irresponsible

"Obviously, I got in some trouble at work," I said, staring passed the image on the phone to my father. "How did you get that?"

"That is certainly not relevant young lady," Dad said, his tone and words making me feel all of five. "Were you planning on telling us at any point or were you just going to hide it?"

"I don't really see how it's any of your business," I said, walking into my kitchen. I pulled a glass out of my cupboard and filled it with ice water before realizing I had just slipped into my usual nervous routine from when I lived at home and Dad started in on lecturing me.

"We're your parents. Everything you do concerns us and all the more so when you embarrass yourself like this," Dad said, following me around the small apartment so I had no where to escape him.

"And here I thought it was embarrassing for me. It must be a humiliation beyond words for the two of you—

"Don't get smart young lady," Dad said while I stood open mouthed. "This day has been trying enough without you throwing around attitude."

"On that we can agree," I said, bravely staring back at him in a way I was never able to do while living at home. "I really don't need to come home to this after the day I've had."

"You might not like it, but we aren't just going to sit at home waiting and wondering when you'll call and tell us what's going on when we get something like this," Mom said, coming to stand next to Dad.

"Fine. Your concern is duly no—

Dad's big open palm slapped into the side of my cheek, nearly sending the glass flying from my hand and me to the floor. I stumbled away from him, setting my glass down on the counter and nursing my stinging cheek, but he did not back down. Tears stung at my eyes.

"I'm not going to tell you to lose the attitude again," Dad said, looming over me. "Now I want to know exactly what it is you did to get into this kind of trouble at work."

"I—I," I said, swallowing air trying to calm myself, "I left work without permission." Only in the silence after my admission did it occur to me I probably should have lied, invented a story so as to not intertwine Allison and Virginia. Still, even if the thought had come a moment sooner, I doubt I had the presence of mind to have invented anything more believable.

"Why on Earth would you do that?" Mom asked.

"I was about to leave town and I was going to miss Geoff's birthday and well it doesn't matter. It was stupid," I said.

"Certainly you could have called instead, but why wouldn't they let you leave for a while if there was time?" Mom said.

"It's over and done with," I said. "There really isn't any point in debating it now."

"We're just trying to understand," Dad said.

"I made a mistake. I'm not denying it here or at work, and discussing it to death won't change it," I said and Dad shook his head at me.

Dad said, "I knew it was a mistake to let you move out on your own."

"Excuse me," I said blinking and wondering if I had heard him correctly.

"Clearly, you aren't ready to be responsible for yourself without some supervision," Dad said.

"I'm an adult," I said as if the fact of it would influence my father.

He scoffed and said, "You sure don't act like one."

"Maybe that's because you won't let me," I said and immediately regretted it.

"If you were an adult, no one would need to let you prove it," Dad said. "Help your mother get what you need together. You're coming home with us."

"You can't make me," I said, sounding all of five even to my own ears.

"You don't want to bet on that," Dad said, grabbing my arm and pulling me along toward my bedroom where Mom was already heading. I tried to pull away, but his grip was like a vice growing firmer with every hint of resistance.

"This is ridiculous. You can't just come into my place and start ordering me around like I was back at home," I said as Mom was already pulling clothes out of my closet.

"Considering I had to pay your rent this month, I don't see any difference between here and back at the house," Dad said and Mom continued to work, laying out a stack of outfits on my unmade bed. "Either way I'm paying for the roof over your head."

"You didn't have to," I said, whining. "I had the money I was just out of town. I'll write you a check."

"I did have to because you weren't responsible enough to take care of it before you left and I won't have my credit ruined for your lack of responsibility," Dad said. "It's just one more piece of evidence that you aren't ready to be on your own."

"Come look this stuff over, dear," Mom said beckoning me to my bed. "Make sure you have everything you'll need for the week."

I sighed accepting I was going home with them, but still finding it hard to believe. Dad let go of my arm, allowing me to walk over to the bed. A quick glance over Mom's collection seemed to indicate she had most things I would need with the exception of my hairbrush which was in the bathroom. "My hairbrush," I said.

"Where is it?" Dad asked looking at my dresser.

"In the bathroom," I said.

"Fetch it," He said and I nodded before slipping passed him on my way to the bathroom. For a half second I was tempted to run out the front door, but it would have been pointless. I grabbed my brush from the bathroom counter and came back to my bedroom where Dad grabbed my wrist on entering and took the brush out of my hand.

"Let's make use of this," Dad said and my eyes widened understanding his intention. He pulled me with him as he walked out to my dining table, turned around one of my chairs so the back was to the table and sat down. Letting go of my wrist, he pointrd at my skirt and said, "Off."

"Dad," I said, "But I've already been spanked today."

"And just like when you got in trouble at school, you're going to get another one now," Dad said.

There was no fighting with him, his mind was made up and although I had started with a brave premise that he could not do this to me in my apartment, I had quickly realized there was no place I was truly safe. I stomped my foot in silent protest, but quickly moved on to unfastening my skirt and sliding it down my legs before Dad decided I needed encouragement.

"Those too," Dad said pointing at my panties. I sighed, but pushed them down my legs to join my skirt around my ankles. My face flushed hot with embarrassment for the hundredth time of the day as I waited to be ordered over his lap. "And take off that jacket as well."

Silently I unbuttoned my blazer and slipped it off my shoulders. Reaching passed Dad, I laid it carefully on my table trying not to wrinkle it anymore than it already was after spending most of the day folded into a square. As soon as it was out of my hands, Dad grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap, giving me another great view of carpet, only this time it was supposed to my carpet.

He did not waste any time warming me up, but instead started straight away with my brush, peppering my tender backside with a flurry of spanks. At first I tried to stay still and calm, but quickly I found myself unable to control the instinct to squirm and kick. The temperature of my butt quickly rose to and exceeded the efforts of David Zephyr and still Dad continued. More tears burst from my eyes and my hands balled into fists, beating against the carpet as if it could somehow bring the spanking to a stop.

"Please...stop...please," I cried, helplessly over his lap. "I—m—sor—ry!"

Dad ignored me as he always has whenever I have surrender to the humiliation of begging. My hairbrush continued to rise and fall, covering every inch of my butt and most of my thighs with a burning redness I felt certain would catch fire if he swatted any faster. It was only when my pleas were silenced and my body lay limp on his lap that he brought my spanking to an end with a dozen carefully laid, hard swats, that nearly had me howling. I can only imagine what my neighbors must have thought.

I knew better than to grab my butt when he let me up off his lap, but every instinct in my body told me I had to do something. I jumped in place and then squatted down toward the ground before jumping back up, all the while shaking my butt around while my hands flapped uselessly in the air in front of me. Tears streamed down my face and for the moment I did not even care how ridiculous I looked.

Mom smiled just shy of laughing at me as she collected my hairbrush, skirt, panties and blazer from the room. She disappeared back into my bedroom and then reappeared a minute later with a bulging suitcase. Mom and Dad exchanged a glance and a nod before turning their collective attention to me. I was still dancing in place even though I knew the motions were doing nothing to ease the sting or burn.

"Looks like we're ready to go. Come along Allison," Dad said standing up and opening my front door.

I gaped at him, becoming perfectly still. My eyes glanced from him down to my exposed lower half and then back. He could not seriously expect me to walk out my front door with my bare, red ass naked for anyone to see. Then again, the look he was giving me suggested he did.


"Hands on your head and start marching unless you want me to put you back over my knee," Dad said.

I bit at my lip and rested my hands together atop my head. "Yes, sir," I said and walked out the door with Mom and Dad following far enough behind that anyone looking out would have had an unobstructed view of my blazing buttocks, neatly framed between the white tail of my blouse and the tops of my stockings. I am sure you can imagine just how red my other cheeks were at the same time.

As soon as we arrived at the house, Dad sent me to stand in the usual corner. My butt still felt like it was on fire but the sting had at least faded to a more manageable level. What concerned me the most as I stared at the blank white walls, was just how sore my backside was going to be when I arrived at work in the morning because it was an almost certainty I would be getting spanked then as well. When the grandfather clock struck eleven, at least a half hour later, I was finally allowed to go upstairs to my old bedroom.

A quick glance in the mirror confirmed my butt was the color of a ripe tomato and swollen to the size of a watermelon. Okay, maybe not quite that big, but it felt like it. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and crawled onto the bed, laying down on my stomach because there was no way I was sleeping on my back and the thought of covers or anything for that matter, brushing against my buttocks was unthinkable. My tears had all dried away, but the feelings of outrage, anger, and injustice still burned in my chest as I closed my eyes and hoped morning would not arrive too soon.

"That's gotta hurt."

My eyes snapped back open and I pushed myself up in bed looking around the room. She was standing on the left side of my bed, looking at me with almost sympathetic eyes. I forced myself to relax and simply laid back down on the bed. In reality, I don't really think it matters if I look at her or not because the mysterious girl was not really there in the physical sense anyway.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You know I never really got along with my father either," She said.

I scoffed and said, "Why am I not surprised?"

"He's right though. At least partially," She said.


"Your father," She said. "He's a good man. A little overprotective, over controlling, but he just wants good things for you."

"Do you have a point?" I asked.

"I'm just saying he's right. You have to start thinking about things on a larger scale," She said.

"And another blistered ass is really helping me focus on that," I said, hoping she could hear the sarcasm.

"You brought this on yourself. You don't take things seriously enough," She said.

"It's my life," I said exhaling frustration, "Why can't everyone just leave me alone to live it?"

"No one's life is so disconnected that they don't effect others and you, well the time is coming when your actions will effect everyone," She said.

"You know I'm really not in the mood for your cryptic warnings tonight. If you have something to say, say it, otherwise leave me be, please," I said.

"Alright, I was just trying to help," She said. "What you need to know right now, is your situation at work has created a unique opportunity."

"I've noticed although unique isn't exactly the word I would use," I said, "More like humiliating or embarrassing, or painful. Take your pick."

She giggled and said, "Yes, fate does seem to have a sense of humor, but that's not the point of my reference. You have the opportunity to expose the person within Quondam who is a threat to you and the others. All you have to do is keep you eyes open and use your head for a change because they'll be in plain sight."

"Why don't you just tell me who it is?" I asked.

"Because I don't know," She said.

"And yet you know I will be able to recognize them and in fact, am about to meet them?" I said skeptically.

"There are rules we must all follow Allison," She said. "I would have thought you'd have figured that out by now."

I turned to glare at her just in time to watch her fade into nothingness. It seemed like the last thing I needed in my life was another person telling me what to do and lecturing me about my flaws, but that's exactly what I seemed to have in the ghostly girl. At times she reminded me of my mother and other times, Mr. Candle, but every now and then she also reminded me of myself which was more than a little scary. I closed my eyes again and tried to put everything out of my mind, but of course, my still burning butt was a little harder to push away than the girl.


  1. Ashley, "overprotective and over controlling," possibly the understatement of the last two centuries.
    You are doing an excellent job, but Allison's parents are far and away my least favourite characters.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Three cheers for Allison's parents who care enough to revoke her independence when she abuses it. The spanking was of course deserved, and I hope it isn't the last she gets from her father this week. There were many nice touches through the punishment, but I think my favorite was the smile from Allison's mother as she watched Allison embarrass herself.

  3. Paul, I hadn't really intended for her parents to be disliked, but I can see how they come out that way. Allison still has some personal growth ahead of her before she can be free of them and I suspect there will be a few more reasons to dislike her parents before that happens. Hopefully the journey is still fun, albeit painful and embarrassing for Allison.

    Ace, I think I can safely assure you that Allison has yet to feel the last of her parents' efforts to mold her into the daughter they expect. I've yet to have Allison's mother take much of role, smiles and scathing words aside, but I think these little moments are a good indicator as to her own thoughts on Allison's discipline.

    I love seeing these different perspectives, thank you both.


  4. Ash,

    Another great story I liked what the mysterious girl said on appearing to Allison she always seems a little on the sarcastic side in a humorous way when she starts talking to Allison. Another great discipline scene.


  5. Al, yes, the girl's personality is supposed to hint at her true identity which has yet to be revealed. I think the clues are coming together though and the time for revelations is in fact nearing.


  6. Ashley, with embarassment a core element in the punishments, do you see the parents using other tools to administer/ connect? i.e. much more structured preparation ,i.e. set time, set place, alarm clock that means 10 swats an hour every hour for n hours... or a morning spanking each morning for a week where showing up 'prepared' is a big part, or things like temp taking in the bottom while waiting over pillows ,I administer often with that one, or mouthsoapings or other

  7. This is a great story. I find myself holding my breath until the next chapter is posted.

    Once again, I loved the spanking scene.